Small or Large Groups!

Team vs. Team Escape Rooms

Have a larger group?  Have two or more groups compete against each other simultaneously in different rooms.  

Top 10 List

Can your team finish in time to make one of our top 10 lists or maybe even have the fastest time for one of our challenges?

We Come to You

​Conference Rooms, Meeting Rooms, Multi-Purpose Rooms and Classrooms all work great for this activity.  All you need is a room and we take care of the rest.

Affordable Prices

Our team building activities are usually a lot cheaper than other off-site team building activities.

Custom Themes

We have standard themes for our games but also have the ability to create custom themes and games.

Standard Themes

We offer the following standard game themes:

Secret Agent
​100 million dollars in diamonds have been stolen from the N.Y. federal reserve building.  You are part of an elite team of secret agents that have to find the stolen diamonds in time.

Zombie Apocalypse
The Year is 2020, Zombies have taken over the world.  Only 20% of the human population remain!  You and a group of friends are the world's last chance at survival.  A world renowned scientist, Dr. Pierre Toussaint, claimed to have formulated a Zombie killing powder called "Boku" but the Zombies got to Dr. Toussaint.  You are at Dr. Toussaint's compound, you have to find the Boku and release it in the air before the zombies get to you.  Hurry, the Zombies are closing in fast!

The Heist
​You are part of a group of world class thieves and you are trying to pull off one of the biggest heists in history by trying to steal the world's most expensive diamond.  You have a one hour window, can you pull off

The Heist!

Royal Jewels
A collection of some of the world's finest Royal Jewels have been stolen from a museum exhibit in London.  You are part of an international investigation team trying to locate and recover the stolen jewels!

Wizarding World​​
 Harry Potter's magic wand was stolen and you and a group of friends are trying to get the magic wand back so that his powers return to full strength.  Can you master this wizarding world and get back Harry Potter's magic wand?

Our mobile escape rooms are a perfect team building activity.  Our games promote "positive" and "constructive" communication while still having lots of fun!  Our games are designed so that in order to succeed at the task, the individuals must work as a team and communicate with each other.  Our games will have multiple puzzles going on at once so everybody is involved.  The puzzles will relate to each other so that your team learns how to effectively communicate and work together.

Games are customizable to fit your individual needs!

Team Building

mobile ESCAPE rooms

You will see a difference in your team in less than 1 hour