What is a Mobile Escape Room?

Mobile escape rooms are unlike any other party entertainment! Your guests will work cooperatively to solve a mystery or complete a task within an allotted time period. Just as in a traditional escape room, there will be puzzles, props, clues, codes, brain teasers and a whole lot of mystery to be solved.

Can you find the antidote to save mankind from the zombies?

How about intercept the theft of a $100 million dollars worth of diamonds? 

Allow us to bring the fun directly to you at your actual event. Having a date night with a few other couples? Birthday Party? Corporate team building experience? Invite us to bring the mystery and entertainment to your home or office!

You will see a difference in your team in less than 1 hour

  1. First, you will need contact us so we can gather more information on your event or gathering.  Emailing or texting us a picture of the room you would like to use will add to the enjoyment of your experience as we will get a better understanding of the space we will have to use.
  2. Next, we will email you an estimate.  Pricing will be based on the number of guest's you will have participating and how customized the game is.  Most mobile experiences range from $200 - $400.
  3. You reserve a date & time for your experience this requires a non-refundable deposit.
  4. On game day, we will arrive at your home or business with our equipment that consist of some small pieces of furniture and other game supplies.
  5. We will need about 30 minutes to set up the room and require privacy while doing so from anyone who will be participating in the game to ensure no cheating takes place!!  No Peeking!!!  We will provide a couple of starter puzzles to get you warmed up while you wait.
  6. You will be provided with a quick set of instructions and a pre story for your room.
  7. Now its time for your game to begin and the fun to start!
  8. When the game is over we will provide a debriefing summary to show you how you did and what you missed (if anything).
  9. We will need about 20 minutes to pack up and leave. 
  10. You will love us so much that you tell all your friends and enemies about us!!

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Here's how it works

Play one of our themed rooms or we can create a customized theme for you.

birthday parties

Team Building

Our mobile escape rooms are a perfect team building activity.  Our games promote "positive" and "constructive" communication while stilling having lots of fun!  Our games are designed so that in order to succeed at the task, the individuals must work as a team and communicate with each other.  Our games will have multiple puzzles going on at once so everybody is involved.  The puzzles will relate to each other so that the team learns how to effectively communicate and work together.

Games are customizable to fit your individual needs!

Team Building

Birthday Parties 

Family Gatherings

Family Game Night



Looking for a fun and different birthday party idea?!?  How about a mobile escape room?!?

Great birthday party idea for anyone 10 and up!!

See below for more details


  • You will need to provide a space big enough to for your guests to play the game.  Typically a room size of 10 X 12 is sufficient for groups of 4 up to 10.  If you have more guests then that you may need a bigger space.
  • The space you provide must be in a non-smoking home or area.
  • You must have somewhere for your guests to wait while we set up the room.

mobile ESCAPE rooms